Harness The Power of the Crowd

Are you writing what people want to read? Is your next novel or nonfiction work the next big thing? We believe there is only one way to answer the above questions and many more, with collective intelligence. Our collective intel program takes your book and matches it with 50 U.S.-based "everyday readers" to gain insights into the most pertinent information you can use to become a better writer and sell more books, the wisdom of the crowd.

Here's how it works- 

Step 1: Sign up for Collective Intel below.

Step 2: We work with you to create a quiz that we use to authenticate our readers have read your book.

Step 3: Our analyst team of 50 reads your book cover-to-cover, and then upon completion of the quiz fills out a 10 question survey ranking your book on a scale of 1-10 for categories like plot and character development, setting details, story arc, and possibility they'd pay money for the title if given the chance.

By ensuring each reader is completing your book, and giving them the survey we are able to quantify what has long been a mystery, what people actually want to read, and how you can create such work for them.

When you sign up for Collective Intelligence you receive:

  • 50 people reading your book and rating it on scale of 1-10 for 10 unique criteria.
  • Three week standard turnaround time from payment to data delivered.
  • Full copies of all 500 survey answers (10 questions x 50 reviewers).
  • Notes from each reader on both strengths and weaknesses of title.
  • Our eight year in-the-making team of everyday readers to assess your book.
  • Mean score to use in book promotions as you see fit. 
  • Dedicated service professional available M-F to assist you.
  • Knowledge delivered that helps you become a better writer.
  • Rights to send collective intel mean score and insights to book agents and publishers. 
  • Full rights to use data for marketing materials, website, press releases, Facebook, and book cover, with editors, publishers, etc.
  • Uncensored data - learn the strengths and weaknesses of your craft without wondering anymore, because numbers don't lie.

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